Sun LifeLight to End Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Winter Blues Forever

//Sun LifeLight to End Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Winter Blues Forever

Sun LifeLight to End Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Winter Blues Forever

Sun LifeLight, Inc., a Massachusetts start-up to launch the LifeLight, its light therapy system, on June 2, 2014, through the online crowd-funding site Kickstarter. The company’s LifeLight ‘sun light therapy’ solution targets a severely underserved market; office workers worldwide, who experts say, now spend on average 8.5 hours per day at work, indoors. According to Norman E. Rosenthal, M.D., author of Winter Blues, more than 30 million Americans suffer from SAD and winter blues. Sun LifeLight is on a mission to change that as quickly as possible.

“Having spent the last nine months developing the system – through one of the worst winters in recent history, our aim is to quickly satisfy the demand we’ve encountered for our solution to SAD and winter blues, while bringing healthfulness, happiness, energy, and productivity to everyone that spends most of their workday indoors,” said Gary Grimard founder and CEO, Sun LifeLight, Inc.

According to Grimard, 30 years of scientific research shows that humans are built to respond to the blue color of a bright sunlit sky with energy, focus, alertness, improved cognitive functioning and mood. “It was less than 200 years ago that the vast majority of the global population worked outdoors during the day, energized by the sun and then retired indoors when the sun set,” says Grimard.

The US Department of Labor Statistics show over 300 million office workers worldwide spend the vast majority of their working hours indoors. The human system has simply not evolved to keep pace with that societal change.

Beyond how we feel, there is a dollar cost associated with not getting enough sunlight during the day. As reported in Employee Benefit Views, research conducted by the Integrated Benefits Institute shows that companies spend well over $620 per year, per employee on depression related expenses including SAD, winter blues, cabin fever, spring fever, rainy day blues and the like.(1)

The aggregate costs are staggering. The Department of Labor Statistics reports approximately 94 million computer using office professionals in the United States alone. Extrapolating those numbers, these societal changes have a negative health impact measured in the billions of dollars, for individuals and corporations alike.

State-of-the-art science has identified non-visual sensors in the human retina that are particularly sensitive to the color of a bright sunlit sky. These sensors regulate a complex sequence of events through the brain that manage hormone levels and sleep / wake cycles, called the circadian rhythm. The intricacies of that balance directly impact mood, health, energy, productivity, and many other things.

A 2013 study compared the effects of caffeine to that of “blue” light therapy. It found that focus, cognitive functioning, and alertness were improved with either. Caffeine however, was found to reduce the subjects’ ability to focus and remain undistracted during cognitive functions. With the “blue” light exposure, performance was improved in all aspects.(2)

Therein lies the genesis behind Sun LifeLight – put a lamp, with effective colors on every desktop, personalize the control and monitoring of the system with a mobile application and improve health, happiness, energy and productivity for all where it’s needed most, at work.

To find out more about the Sun LifeLight Kickstarter campaign and how to support the cause now to receive a LifeLight just in time for the next Fall and Winter season, visit the company website at

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2. (Beaven CM, Ekström J (2013) ‘A Comparison of Blue Light and Caffeine Effects on Cognitive Function and Alertness in Humans’).

About Sun LifeLight, Inc.
Sun LifeLight, Inc. ( was founded by Gary Grimard and Alison Todd in July of 2013 intent on improving the health and wellness of computer using office professionals everywhere. They and their team of technology and medical industry experts have purpose built a smart, personal lighting system that brings the energizing benefits of the sun to work. The unique, two-piece system includes a stylish and elegant light used as you would an ordinary desk lamp, along with a mobile application that learns the user’s sunlight requirements and recommends the proper daily settings for each individual’s maximum benefit. Users can purchase the LifeLight system through the company’s crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter.

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