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How the LifeLight Touch Works

State-of-the-Art science shows us that a certain colored wavelength of sunlight, the light blue of a bright sunlit sky, is absorbed by recently discovered, non-visual receptors in the eye. These receptors, when activated by this colored light, initiate a complex sequence of events within all of us balancing hormone levels and orchestrating many other functions that help make the human body healthy, happy, alert, energetic and productive during the day.

Those that work indoors during the day, do not receive enough of that “sky blue” light regardless of geographic region, time of year, weather or time of day, thereby limiting peak performance. The LifeLight Touch changes that paradigm by packing that effective sky blue light into an elegant, stylish and highly flexible lamp that can be used on or around any workstation as one would an ordinary desk lamp.

The LifeLight Touch is also managed and controlled by a smart mobile application (available early in 2017) that interactively works with the user, personalizing the amount of sunlight recommended daily by learning each individual’s most effective levels.

Join the revolution and Bring the Sun Back Into Your Life!