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Frequently Asked Questions

My office has plenty of windows and lots of natural light…so I don’t need the LifeLight, right?

  • The LifeLight brings the sun indoors no matter what the weather, season or time of day. Although natural light from the sun is always best, unless you are truly outside on a bright sunlit day, it’s unlikely you will receive the amount of colored light spectrum (sky blue or 480nm) necessary to bring the physiologically healthful benefits of the sun to you, no matter how many windows your home or office happens to have. The distinction we draw is in the physiological benefits of energy, productivity, focus, alertness and overall health that are gained by receiving the right amount of the aforementioned colored light (which is drastically mitigated by the direction, glazing and filtering of the sunlight that enters any building, not to mention the further reduction on less sunny days) vs. the psychological benefits of outdoor views through those same windows. Yes, more windows leads to greater psychological well being. More windows do not however, deliver nearly enough optical radiation of the proper spectrum to significantly impact the human wellness physiology that the LifeLight does.

Will I get a tan by using the LifeLight?

  • The LifeLight does not deliver any UV or near UV rays from which exposure to the skin produces more melanin which rises to the surface and darkens the skin.

Will the LifeLight work for everyone even if I live in a sunny location?

  • Yes.  Science has shown that non-visual sensors in our eyes manage and control a complex sequence of events within all of us that balance “sleep / wake” hormones along with many other functions. These sensors are particularly responsive to the color of a bright sunlit sky (sky blue) and when  exposed to those colors initiate those events making us healthy, happy, more energized and productive during the day. Those that work indoors during prime daylight hours are deprived of these life giving benefits from the sun. Today’s indoor lighting does not deliver nearly enough of the effective “sky blue” color to allow the bodies sleep/wake regulation to occur properly no matter where we live. Even sitting next to a window does not allow nearly enough of that particular sky blue light to reach the eye with enough intensity to allow our bodies to work properly. The LifeLight changes that by bringing the sun’s life giving colors indoors in a smart, personal lighting system that is easy to use on or around any computer workstation.

Do you get vitamin D from the LifeLight?

  • The LifeLight does not deliver any UV or near UV rays from which the skin produces vitamin D.

What’s the difference between “Full Spectrum” or “Bright Light” devices and yours?

  • So called “Full Spectrum” and “Bright Light” devices deliver all the colors of visible light to the eye. Buried within all of these colors, some portion of the effective colors that the non-visual sensors mentioned above respond to, are produced but in order to achieve results, these lights must produce an uncomfortable amount of bright light (more than 10,000 Lux) and the user sit directly in front of these lights for 30 minutes to 2 hours in order to receive the minimal amount of the only effective color that is “sky blue”.

How long should I use the LifeLight every day?

  • The color, brightness and duration recommended for peak effectiveness varies from person to person and day to day. Variables such as weather, schedules, how restful your sleep was, how stressful the day has been, the day of the week, etc. are used by the LifeLight’s learning system and will help you find the optimum settings each and every day to achieve your personal best.

Is the LifeLight dangerous?

  • The LifeLight is absolutely safe and can be infinitely adjusted for maximum comfort and performance.

What time of year should I use it?

  • Those of us that work indoors, regardless of geographic location, will benefit by using the LifeLight year round

Will the glare bother me?

  • Unlike our competitors, the LifeLight can be positioned out of the field of view while still allowing the light to effectively enter the eye thereby eliminating glare.