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Join the Revolution and Bring the Sun Back Into Your Life!

We’ve all heard how the sun is critical to our overall well-being…and how today’s society spends less and less time out in it. The lack of sunlight has had a profound effect on our healthfulness. “Reduced energy, performance, slowed metabolism, insomnia and even depression are part of a growing list of issues associated with this migration indoors. Wouldn’t it be great if you could improve your health and wellness naturally by simply bringing the sun to work with you?! Our young company allows you to do exactly that. Summarily:

“Sun LifeLight is on a mission to create healthy, fun, exciting, energetic and productive work environments by bringing sunshine into everyone’s life. We build smart, personal lighting systems that pack the colored light spectrum of a bright, sunlit sky into a fixture used as you would an ordinary desk lamp but controlled and manged by a learning mobile app that recommends the optimum amount of sun for every individual’s maximum benefit.”

Alison and I, along with an extraordinarily talented team of medical industry professionals, engineers and technology leaders, have built The LifeLight Touch to improve the health and wellness for all those who spend much of their day indoors. Our efforts have been inspired by our love of the outdoors and all the benefits therein.