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More than 30 years of research and use has generated volumes of clinical documents and data validating the science behind the sun’s influence on our health and wellness. Recently, there has been a heightened interest and velocity of discovery surrounding the intricate details of this life giving resource. Sun LifeLight is the first and only company to combine that state-of-the-art science with the latest technology into a health and wellness super system that will benefit everyone that spends most of their workday indoors and out of the sun’s energizing rays.

LifeLight Touch Description  LifeLight Touch Product Overview
The role of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells in nonimage-forming responses to light This document highlights the discovery of a particular photopigment called melanopsin, that renders retinal ganglion cells laced with it, intrinsically photosensitive to light at 480nm (sky blue). Once activated, a complex sequence of events takes place through the hypothalamus region of the brain making us happier, healthier more energetic and productive.
Comparison of Blue Light and Caffeine  A recent study highlighting the effectiveness of “blue” light, used at any time of day, in boosting alertness, focus, cognitive functioning and many other things. “Blue” light performance was compared and contrasted with the effects of caffeine and clearly showed how “blue” light was more effective than caffeine in virtually every category.
Product Definition and Scientific Support  This Whitepaper includes a small collection of the overwhelming scientific research accumulated over the past 30 years that details the benefits of the sun and more specifically the “sky blue” spectrum as it relates to health and wellness for all.
Scientific Research and Technology Support  This Whitepaper details the confluence of science and technology that has made the LifeLight a reality.